Statement of purpose

The Rules of the VSU lay down a Statement of Purposes for the Association.       

1.          To pursue the recognition of Spiritualism as a philosophy, science and religion. 

2.          To maintain the religion of Spiritualism on a sound and permanent basis by the investigation and advancement of spiritual truths and purposes, and the religious, moral, intellectual and physical training of its members. 

3.          To teach and instil the belief in a supreme beneficent intelligence and the essential spiritual nature of man. 

4.          To affirm the fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man, the immortality of the spirit and its personal characteristics, the proven facts of communion between departed human spirits and mortals, personal responsibility with compensation and retribution here and hereafter for all manner of deeds done on earth and a path of eternal progress open to every human spirit who wills to tread it. 

5.          To uphold, protect, expound and teach the principles of Spiritualism. 

6.          To encourage and develop co-operation between all members of the Association, and with similar organisations and bodies that share the similar objectives and purposes as the Association. Click here for information about the management of the VSU.