The Victorian Spiritualists’ Union had its beginnings in Melbourne in 1870, when one of the first Spiritualist churches in the world was opened under the name of The Victorian Association of Progressive Spiritualists – VAPS ( later to become the Victorian Association of Spiritualists – VAS).

VAPS was founded by William Terry, a prominent bookshop and health store owner, of Collins Street, Melbourne. He was a healer held in high regard by his clients and many of the medical profession who regularly sought his assistance. He was also the editor of the “Harbinger of Light”.

The original organisation commenced with 25 founder members and quickly became of a hub of Spiritualism within Victoria and the colony.

The society attracted many eminent people, including Alfred Deakin (Prime Minister of Australia 1903-1904, 1905-1908, 1909-1910 ) who held the office of President for many years before taking on full time commitment in politics.

During 1930, members of The Victorian Association of Spiritualists and the Melbourne Progressive Spiritualistic Lyceum joined together and formed the Victorian Spiritualists’ Union. This was registered under the Religious Successory and Charitable Trusts Act of Victoria.

Today, the VSU is recognised by the Australian Government as a religious institution,  and is permitted to perform Child and Adult Namings, Weddings, Funerals, Dedications and Ordinations. The VSU has ordained ministers who can provide these services.

The VSU became an incorporated association on 9th July 1990

Meeting places of the VSU have included Collins Street, Flinders Lane, Swanston Street and A’Beckett Street Melbourne. It is now situated at 135-137 Boundary Road, North Melbourne  and has a Branch Church located at 51 Patterson Street Ringwood East.

In keeping with the Statement of Purpose, the VSU has created affiliations with many other Spiritualist centres.